Our Homeschool Week {wrap up}

Week 1: Our first week went really well and oh so fast. Mid-week was tough but we pushed through and made it to the end of week. Work done, fun had, bellies happy, everyone challenged and stretched and learning and laundry unfolded. Woo hoo! Success! Things that I want to remember: Teaching PreK, K and … Continue reading

The Homeschool Space 2014/15

Our homeschool space changes often. It is usually because we’ve packed up and moved city or house— something that we’ve tended to do often. This time we’re in the same house as last (which was when we moved here this past November) and we really like it here. In November our set up started in … Continue reading

Our Homeschool Curriculum 2014/15

Ahhhhh! Suddenly it is August and that means it’s almost September and that means it is nearly time for the new school year (or in our case – season)! I will say it again! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! (( Click for more on MFW Curriculum! )) I’m not sure if I wrote about starting MFW first grade with … Continue reading

Yarnalong ye-ahhhh!

I’ve been too far away from this place— it’s just busy these days. All for good reason and I’ve lots to come back here to say but- just don’t have time right now… So this seriously wee post is my first wee step back to the bloggiverse la. So – down to business. I snatched … Continue reading


We’re getting ready for my only event this year besides Christmas (or so goes the plan). Here are a few (just a few) pics of our process and more. I’m reading well- not much so this won’t make it to Yarnalong but it is progress somewhere in all our moving about so there’s that. :)Continue reading


It’s my baby’s  name— well one of them. It’s my word for this year as well. Grace grās/ noun 2. (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. a divinely given talent or blessing. plural noun: graces “the graces of the … Continue reading

Here lately: April 2014

Here lately we’ve been progressing with everything at a slow and steady pace. This frustrates me but I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race. It helps a bit, it does. There has been a lot of the same here, yarn, tea, food, fort building and finally homeschool… Since I need to … Continue reading

Vent. Cry. Pray.

This is one of those weeks. Just difficult. This particular difficult week comes tacked on to the end of two hard sick and sleepless weeks. Thankfully the kids are getting better but I’m just not. It’s getting to me. The weakness turned to sadness and slipping into my head. I keep cleaning and wiping, picking … Continue reading

Mirrors Are A Nuisance

There is a girl that attends a weekly meeting that I attend. I say girl— but she is a young mom, a younger lady really. But somehow girl still suits her. I moved from girl to lady ages ago. Felt the wind one day on a rooftop in Teun Mun and lifted my head to … Continue reading

Knitty notes

Last night after the troop was finally put to bed I started to knit one more of these. I love the pattern ( I think that all of Kelly’s patterns are genius) in this one there is a link to a nifty provisional cast on. I prefer this way best. Heck try them both and … Continue reading

Two Weeks

I am finding that a weekly wrap-up doesn’t work well for me, however a bi-weekly update sure does! I mean, I write a lot of blog posts but they don’t often make it here because they happen in my head while I clean or walk or drive, lol. We finished week 5 of My Father’s World 1st grade and it … Continue reading

This week and last {homeschool update}

This was the week when our First grader made his Alphabet Scroll. He likes to unroll it and lay it over the sofa to go over the Letters found there. Precious. So far he is doing well with this Curriculum. All his previous hard work is helping him along. The Montessori trays are due for a … Continue reading

A homeschool day in the life here~

Around here our days tend to start pretty early. I will say this— all three kids go to bed in their own beds in their own rooms every single night but at some point both girls end up cuddling mama before hubby’s alarm goes off at 6 AM. Usually our big boy comes knocking sometime … Continue reading

Woolf & Wool {Yarnalong}

Right now I’m knitting Tin Can Knits Rye from their Simple Collection. So far so good- I’m turning the heel :/ we. will. see. I decided recently to give audio books a try. So I’m listening to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. It’s slow going in this loud house but it is going oh so beautifully. … Continue reading

Around here

Hi there. It has been a while hasn’t it? There is a lot that I could say about the break that I’ve taken from this blog but I think I’ll just say that I needed a break.  A little time to be here and sort out all the changes that have come to us. And … Continue reading