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Christmas schoolroom

Our Lil’ schoolroom and shelves have seen some changes in way of holiday cheer. Woohoo! The art corner has been scooched over to make room for a lovely smelling pine tree. We managed to pick one out together last night and get it in the house :) we will wait for dada’s day off to … Continue reading

back to school again la.

The break: After a week of preparing for vacation and then the week we were away on vacation the kids and I caught a cold and were a week out of commission. Blah, unmotivated and weak I felt a bit hopeless about homeschool. This week has been better though, thank goodness. We have fresh shelves … Continue reading

Camping, meal plans and homeschool.

homeschooler’s camp whenever: Even when school is in session,lol. We have been talking about camping lately. The nights will get cold here soon so we really need to get out there! We can take school with us or make it up later- but we sure want to take advantage of good weather! A day or … Continue reading

2012 school photos

Here are the big kids first week of school photos! How did our first week go, you ask? Good, mostly and that’s just fine! I was ready for the weekend though, lol. How did your week go? Skye age 5 Sun age 3 And baby coloring while the big kids have school- well she’s just … Continue reading

our lil’ schoolroom 2012-2013

We moved house last month and lost an office space and a large living and dining area that we’d used for school. The “office” is now at the end of our new dining room and it looks directly into the space near the front door where we set up the new school area. the view … Continue reading

preparation for writing fun

I saw this on pinterest and liked it. More importantly I think my big kids (meaning not the baby) will like something like it too! So, this is my take on it x2- in baskets of course- and on our language shelves. #montessoristyle one dry erase board for each big kid, washable dry erase markers, … Continue reading

Curriculum 2012-13

It is curriculum week next week, yay! so drumroll please… Montessori has made the curriculum search easy this go around. I do pull from pinterest for other Montessori inspired and or just darn cute activities. But these albums are plenty and awesome! I am still tempted by the catalogs coming in the mail lol, just … Continue reading

summer so far…

I’m joining the HSMJ here this week- it has been a while… In my life this week… and in our homeschool this week… Despite my extraordinary plans for this summer we’ve been taking it easy around here- so far- for a few big and unexpected reasons. this hasn’t meant that things are easy here at … Continue reading

nuts and bolts…

recently on a look through my moms shed I found a few things that I thought would work for a practical life lesson. This is my homemade take on a nuts and bolt lesson in our homeschool. in addition to the Montessori presentation this was also a good time to cover such things as: small, … Continue reading

wee garden 2012 and ladybug love…

This year we decided that we’d grow our garden in containers rather than raised beds. It started out well. we had so many lovely seedlings- absolutely none of them have survived. I’m thinking that it was a fungus of some sort. I transplanted them outside when they were nice and tall. I hardened them off, … Continue reading

our Montessori week

So HS moms, are you all done for the summer or are you keeping your school rooms(s) open all summer long? After our two-week break here i am certainly ready for the new week of homeschool leading us into the summer, Woo hoo! This is what our school area looks like this week :) happy … Continue reading

the break, updates and peace

so…we took two weeks off from HS this month. I meant to take one week off when Skye had his eye surgery but we took two and it was a good idea in the end. double eye surgery: Skye is doing great. The first few days were tough but he was all climbing and running … Continue reading

may: week 1

In our homeschool this week… This week we worked from the sensorial, practical life and language shelves. We made a little Montessori-inspired outdoor gardening and pretend play area. We went fishing here as a family. The kids and I went to this very lovely bakery for a school trip with the playschool peeps and afterwards … Continue reading

April: week 4

  In my life this week… This week I caught up on required reading and spent time with hubs. His days off fell on Tuesday – Thursday so our week was much less HS and much more errands, fun and family time. In our homeschool this week/Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… This week … Continue reading

April: week 3

In my life this week… i’ve been catching up this week. the weekend before was Easter and an overnight trip. last week was for planning a party and so i had a lot to do around the house. i really wanted to be prepared for school this week as well so sunday was a marathon … Continue reading