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The Homeschool Space 2014/15

Our homeschool space changes often. It is usually because we’ve packed up and moved city or house— something that we’ve tended to do often. This time we’re in the same house as last (which was when we moved here this past November) and we really like it here. In November our set up started in … Continue reading

Here lately: April 2014

Here lately we’ve been progressing with everything at a slow and steady pace. This frustrates me but I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race. It helps a bit, it does. There has been a lot of the same here, yarn, tea, food, fort building and finally homeschool… Since I need to … Continue reading

Two Weeks

I am finding that a weekly wrap-up doesn’t work well for me, however a bi-weekly update sure does! I mean, I write a lot of blog posts but they don’t often make it here because they happen in my head while I clean or walk or drive, lol. We finished week 5 of My Father’s World 1st grade and it … Continue reading

This week and last {homeschool update}

This was the week when our First grader made his Alphabet Scroll. He likes to unroll it and lay it over the sofa to go over the Letters found there. Precious. So far he is doing well with this Curriculum. All his previous hard work is helping him along. The Montessori trays are due for a … Continue reading

A homeschool day in the life here~

Around here our days tend to start pretty early. I will say this— all three kids go to bed in their own beds in their own rooms every single night but at some point both girls end up cuddling mama before hubby’s alarm goes off at 6 AM. Usually our big boy comes knocking sometime … Continue reading

Homeschool Update November 2013

We are long overdue for updates and blog posts around here so here we go. The nature tray above our language shelves is my favorite part. These lovely cards fit well and this sweet puzzle is especially beautiful. There are pinecones, Fall leaves and branches from the trees that surround our house on a little wicker tray. … Continue reading

Geography Love Christmas Card Swap

We have been in our new house for a couple of weeks and now I am nearly ready to start school around here again! Yay. Just in time for the Holidays right? Ha ha ha. This week we’ll do a few Thanksgiving themed things with Math, Practical Life, Language and Sensorial and just after Thanksgiving … Continue reading

A look into our Summer

We’ve been having a relaxednSummer homeschool around here, mostly because I’m packing the house again. Since I’ve missed our weekly wrap ups I thought I’d post some pictures instead. Happy Summer folks!    

2013/14 Homeschool Curriculum

I have been so unsure about curriculum in our wee homeschool. It seems that every season I worry whether or not I’ve made the best choices for our kiddos. It doesn’t help that everywhere I look (right about now) there are a million sparkling reviews being written about a million and one types of homeschool curriculum. I start doubting myself. … Continue reading

wahm and yarn love…

A while ago I opened an Etsy shop. And then promptly closed it after deciding that I would see my goodies here. I use whatever money from it to help supplement our little Montessori homeschool budget. If you know Montessori, then you know that the materials can be pricey. I make a lot of items, and … Continue reading

Homeschool wrap-up: two-days on three-days off.

 Our first school-week was short and our first “weekend” was long because, as I’ve said here before, we (usually) do not have school on dad’s days off. For our first week (okay, two days!) back to school in some time it went pretty well. I think it is much harder on me than the kids, lol. Here is … Continue reading

SAHM to WAHM #thehomeschoolfund

Skye will move into lower elementary soon and this homeschool mama is not at all prepared. Montessori materials can be expensive and even when purchasing them used or on sale can still be tough on our families budget. Besides all his math materials (that I really should have had this year) I will need all … Continue reading

Christmas schoolroom

Our Lil’ schoolroom and shelves have seen some changes in way of holiday cheer. Woohoo! The art corner has been scooched over to make room for a lovely smelling pine tree. We managed to pick one out together last night and get it in the house :) we will wait for dada’s day off to … Continue reading

Montessori print shop giveaway..

Would you like to win this great world map and flag bundle from Montessori Print Shop? Go on over and enter to win! woo hoo! Note: These images are from that giveaway post. Each of the 9 sets of Maps includes: 1 black and white blank map 1 color map 1 black and white labeled … Continue reading